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Access to Snapshot copies over CIFS

By default, CIFS users cannot see the .snapshot directory. To allow CIFS users to see the .snapshot directory, you can set the cifs.show_snapshot option to on.

To CIFS users, the .snapshot directory appears only at the root of a share. For example, if a user’s home directory is a share named bill that corresponds to the /vol/vol0/home/bill directory, only the /vol/vol0/home/bill/.snapshot directory is visible. When this user displays the contents of the home directory, the .snapshot directory is displayed as ~snapshot if the operating system supports long file names and as ~SNAPSHT if the operating system supports only short file names.
Note: The .snapshot directory can be viewed in a directory listing or Windows Explorer display if the client operating system is configured to show hidden files.

In each directory within the share, a snapshot directory exists but is not visible to clients. For example, if the client operating system supports long file names, the applications on that operating system can use the Snapshot copy at each level of the share by using .snapshot, ~snapshot, or ~SNAPSHT as the directory name. The user cannot, however, display the directory name in any listing.