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Restoring data from tape using SMTape

You can perform a level-0 restore of a backup image in a specific tape device to a destination volume using the smtape restore command.

About this task

The smtape restore command works the same way as the SnapMirror to Tape restore and provides users with the ability to initialize a volume SnapMirror destination volume by using backup images from tapes. After the restore, a volume SnapMirror relationship can be established between the source volume and the destination volume through the snapmirror commands. Prior to a restore operation, the volume must be in restricted mode. Any existing data on the volume is overwritten during the restore. The volume stays restricted during the restore operation and the restored volume is in the read-only state after a successful restore.
Note: Tape backups created by using the snapmirror store command in releases earlier than Data ONTAP 8.0 can be restored by using the smtape restore command.


  1. To restore data from tape to a destination volume, enter the following command:
    smtape restore [-b block_size] path tape_device

    b specifies that the tape record size to be used is supplied in the command line.

    block_size is the blocking factor that was used during the backup.

    path is the path to which the data has to be restored to.

    tape_device contains the data to be restored.

    A unique job ID in the range of 1 to 99999 is assigned to this restore operation. You can subsequently use this job ID to check the restore status or to abort the restore operation. Also, an entry is made in the /etc/log/backup file.


The following example shows how to restore the data in rst1a tape drive to the /vol/testdata volume
filer>smtape restore /vol/testdata rst1a
Job 10 started