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Specifying a list of files for backup

You can back up some, but not all, subdirectories or files in the dump path using a single dump command.

About this task

You can specify for backup a list of one or more files. However, the files must all be in the same dump path. It is easier to specify a list rather than using a dump command for each subdirectory or file. It also helps you avoid starting multiple dump commands.


  1. Use the n and l options in the command line.
  2. Include a name for the backup as a parameter to the n option.
  3. Put the path name of the volume, qtree, or subtree that you want to back up at the end of the dump command.
  4. Enter the dump command line.
  5. In response to prompts, enter each name as a path name relative to the dump path in the dump command.

    Note: Do not specify a parent directory (..) or a directory that is a symbolic link.

  6. To end the list, press the Enter key.


The following example shows the prompts and path name entry when you back up a list of files or directories. The example ends the list of path names with a blank line.

dump 0ufnl rst0a user.1.3.5 /vol/vol1/home

The following list describes the elements of the command line:
Does a full backup.
Records the backup in the /etc/dumpdates file.
Specifies that a tape device is supplied in the command line.
Specifies that a name for the backup is supplied.
Specifies that the names of individual files and directories to be backed up will be entered interactively.
The tape drive rewinds the tape.
The name of the backup.
The directory that contains the files to be backed up.

The output of the preceding dump command is as follows:

DUMP: creating "snapshot_for_backup.0" snapshot. creating.................................................... DUMP: Date of this level 0 dump: Tue Jun 4 12:47:14 2001 DUMP: Date of last level 0 dump: Tue May 28 4 12:45:51 2001 DUMP: Dumping /vol/vol0/home to nrst0a DUMP: mapping (Pass I) [regular files] DUMP: Reading file names from standard input user1 user3/jdoe user5/rroe/src