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How to get details about a specific backup

To get more detailed information about a specific backup initiated by the dump command, you can supply the dump ID at the end of the backup status command.

Following are the examples of the backup status command.

Example 1

filer> backup status 2 
State:       ACTIVE                     Type:        dump 
Path:        /vol/vol0/src              Level:       0 
Options:     b=63, u
Devices:     rst1a,rst2a,rst3a
Completed:   3 tape files
Last Update: Mon Nov 26 00:14:35 2001
The following list describes the output of the command:
All the options specified for the backup and their respective parameters.
The number of tape files that have already been copied.
Last Update
The time and date of the last completed update.

Example 2

filer> backup status  2
State:        RESTARTABLE              Type:       ndmp
Path:         /vol/vol1                Level: 0
Snapshot:     filer(0101184236)_vol1_filer_svp-dst.0
Snapshot:     snapshot_for_backup.9 [Dec 27 00:41]
Options:      b=63, X
Devices:      [none]
Completed:    1 tapefile(s)
Last Update: Thu Dec 27 00:41:23 2007
The preceding example displays the following additional information:
The Snapshot copies of the path that is being backed up.