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Displaying file history statistics

You can view detailed statistics about file history performance of currently active dump sessions using the stats show ndmp command. SMTape does not support file history and therefore SMTape initiated backups do not have any file history statistics associated with them.


  1. Enter the following command:
    stats show ndmp

    The output of the stats show ndmp command includes the following statistics:

    • Total number of directory file history entries generated
    • Total number of normal file history entries generated
    • Total number of messages sent to the file history thread
    • Minimum, maximum, and average delay times for adding file history entries
    • Minimum, maximum, and average delay times for the file history thread to send messages to the NDMP thread
    • Total number of file history flush calls
    • Minimum, maximum, and average flush times
    • Total number of times the dump thread had to block because of slow processing by the file history thread
    • Maximum number of outstanding buffers to the file history thread

Sample output of the stat show ndmp command

filer*> stats show ndmp
ndmp:Session 01:dir_buffers_sent:19 ndmp:Session 01:node_buffers_sent:0 ndmp:Session 01:dir_send_was_blocked:2 ndmp:Session 01:node_send_was_blocked:0 ndmp:Session 01:dir_flush_calls:0 ndmp:Session 01:node_flush_calls:0 ndmp:Session 01:num_node_entries:2731 ndmp:Session 01:num_dir_entries:104362 ndmp:Session 01:num_dir_entries_2fh:104362 ndmp:Session 01:dir_entry_2fh_min_latency:0ms ndmp:Session 01:dir_entry_2fh_max_latency:200ms ndmp:Session 01:dir_entry_2fh_ave_latency:0ms ndmp:Session 01:dir_entry_2fh_tot_latency:419ms ndmp:Session 01:num_node_entries_2fh:2731 ndmp:Session 01:node_entry_2fh_min_latency:0ms ndmp:Session 01:node_entry_2fh_max_latency:1ms ndmp:Session 01:node_entry_2fh_ave_latency:0ms ndmp:Session 01:node_entry_2fh_tot_latency:1ms ndmp:Session 01:num_dir_entries_2ndmp:36 ndmp:Session 01:dir_entry_2ndmp_min_latency:19ms ndmp:Session 01:dir_entry_2ndmp_max_latency:212ms ndmp:Session 01:dir_entry_2ndmp_ave_latency:61ms ndmp:Session 01:dir_entry_2ndmp_tot_latency:2598ms ndmp:Session 01:num_node_entries_2ndmp:0 ndmp:Session 01:node_entry_2ndmp_min_latency:0ms ndmp:Session 01:node_entry_2ndmp_max_latency:0ms ndmp:Session 01:node_entry_2ndmp_ave_latency:0ms ndmp:Session 01:node_entry_2ndmp_tot_latency:0ms ndmp:Session 01:max_queue_depth:16 ndmp:Session 01:fh_queue_full_cnt:2

At the end of the backup session, the file history statistics is updated in the etc/log/backup file.