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Omitting ACLs from a backup

You can omit ACLs from a backup. This provides a slight performance enhancement.

About this task

You omit ACLs in two situations:

  • You plan to restore to a volume in an environment that does not support ACLs.
  • You are backing up files or directories that do not contain ACLs.


  1. To omit ACLs from a backup, include the A option in the dump command line.

    Note: This option does not take a parameter.


The following command performs a level-0 backup of the /vol/vol1 volume. The A option means that the backup does not include any ACL information.

dump 0Af rst0a /vol/vol1

The following list describes the elements of the command line:
Does a full backup.
Specifies not to back up ACLs.
Specifies that a tape device is supplied in the command line.
The tape drive rewinds the tape.
The volume to be backed up.