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Specifying automatic confirmations

An automatic confirmation automatically answers all restore questions with a "yes." You usually use this mode on restores that are run using a Remote Shell connection.

About this task

A Remote Shell connection does not let you interact with the restore command; therefore, if the restore command requires user input and is run using a Remote Shell connection, it usually terminates. Specifying confirmation mode enables such restores to be completed in most cases. Even with the y option, however, the restore command fails if it encounters hard media errors or unclean drives.

Attention: This option is not advisable for critical restores because it can cause silent failure.


  1. To specify automatic confirmations, use the y option in the restore command line.

    Note: This option does not take a parameter.


The following command restores a backup with automatic confirmations:

restore rfy rst0a

The following list describes the elements of the command line:
Performs a full restore.
Specifies that a tape device is supplied in the command line.
Specifies automatic confirmations.
The tape device.