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Propagating tape aliases to multiple storage systems

If you need to use the same set of tape drives to back up more than one storage system, you can save the tape alias information in a file. You can then propagate the aliases to multiple storage systems.


  1. To propagate tape aliases to multiple storage systems, create a file named tape_alias containing the tape alias information.


    storage unalias -a 
    storage alias st0 8.6 
    storage alias st1 8.7 
    storage alias mc0 8.1

  2. Copy the file to the root volume of each storage system.
  3. Execute the following command on each storage system:
    source /vol/root_volume_name/tape_alias

    root_volume_name specifies the root volume.

    All the storage systems contain the same configuration information.

    Note: To ensure that multiple storage systems assign the same alias to a tape drive or medium changer, you can type the same set of storage alias commands on each storage system.