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Enabling or disabling enhanced DAR functionality

Enhanced direct access recovery (DAR) functionality provides support for directory DAR and DAR of files with NT Streams. You can enable or disable enhanced DAR functionality by using the options ndmpd.offset_map.enable command. By default, enhanced DAR functionality is enabled.

About this task

Enhanced direct access recovery (DAR) functionality is supported only for the NDMP-initiated dump backup and restore and provides improved restore performance. This feature is not supported in SMTape backup and restore.

Because an offset map has to be created and written onto tape, enabling enhanced DAR functionality might impact the backup performance.

Note: You should enable or disable this functionality before you initiate the NDMP dump operation.


  1. To enable enhanced DAR functionality on your storage system, enter the following command:
    options ndmpd.offset_map.enable [on|off]

    on enables enhanced DAR functionality.

    off disables enhanced DAR functionality.