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Generating an NDMP-specific password for non-root administrators

An administrator without root privileges uses the NDMP-specific password for any NDMP backup and restore operation that requires password input in either a backup application or CLI environment.


  1. Start a console session on the storage system you want to access.
  2. Enter the following command:
    ndmpd password username

    username is the user name of the administrator.

    The system returns an 8- or 16- character string, depending on the password length set using the ndmpd.password_length command. For example:

    filer>ndmpd password barbaraD password QM12N%$cnaFWPBVe

    You use this password in any current or future NDMP operation that requires password input.

    Note: This NDMP-specific password is valid until you change the password to your regular account.

  3. If you change the password to your regular storage system account, repeat this procedure to obtain your new system-generated NDMP-specific password.