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Removing the SnapMirror status entry after an SMTape restore

You can remove the SnapMirror status entry corresponding to the volume you restored.


  1. To list the SnapMirror status entries, enter the following command:
    snapmirror status vol_name

    vol_name is the name of the volume that you restored.

    The SnapMirror status of the volume is displayed. In case of a successful SMTape restore, the source is a Snapshot copy with a name in the format snapshot_for_smtape.hexchar and the destination is the restored volume. The hexchar in the Snapshot copy name is a set of hexadecimal characters specific to that Snapshot copy. In case of a failed SMTape restore, the source is a tape device name and the destination is the volume that failed to restore.

  2. To remove the SnapMirror status entry by releasing the SnapMirror relationship, enter one of the following commands:
    If the restore... Then...
    1. To break the SnapMirror relationship, enter the following command:
      snapmirror break vol_name
    2. To remove the SnapMirror status entry, enter the following command:
      snap delete vol_name snapshot_for_smtape.hexadecimal_char
    Failed Destroy the volume.
    Note: It is safe to destroy the volume because it is not useful due to the failed restore.


The following example removes the SnapMirror status entry for the testdata volume that was successfully restored.
filer1>snapmirror status testdata
Snapmirror is on.
Source                                                      Destination      State         Lag       Status
snapshot_for_smtape.3fde069c-2639-11de-90f6-00a0980c225b.0  filer1:testdata  Snapmirrored  00:15:12  Idle

filer1>snapmirror break testdata
snapmirror break: Destination testdata is now writable.
Volume size is being retained for potential snapmirror resync.  
If you would like to grow the volume and do not expect to resync, 
set vol option fs_size_fixed to off.

filer1>snap delete testdata snapshot_for_smtape.3fde069c-2639-11de-90f6-00a0980c225b.0 
Wed Apr  8 18:57:41 PDT [fsr-u29: wafl.snap.delete:info]: Snapshot copy snapshot_for_smtape.3fde069c-2639-11de-90f6-00a0980c225b.0
on volume testdata was deleted by the Data ONTAP function snapcmd_delete. The unique ID for this Snapshot copy is (1, 11).