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What qualified tape drives are

A qualified tape drive is a tape drive that has been tested and found to work properly on storage systems.

You can add support for tape drives to existing Data ONTAP releases by using the tape configuration file. To download the tape configuration file, go to the NetApp Support Site. You can view the instructions required to download the tape configuration file, add support to Data ONTAP for a tape drive that was qualified after the release of the Data ONTAP version, and view the current list of supported tape drives at the NetApp Support Site.

Only qualified tape drives are listed in the tape qualification list. The tape libraries are not listed. For example, the tape library IBM TS3500 is not listed. However, the IBM LTO 4 tape drives that the IBM TS3500 contains are listed.

You can view information about qualified and nonqualified tape drives, tape libraries, and tape drive connections to the storage system.