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Finding out whether a backup has to be restarted

To find out whether a backup initiated by the dump command is proceeding as expected or has aborted, you can run the backup status command.


  1. To know the status of a backup, enter the following command:
    backup status


Following is an example of the backup status command's output:
filer1>backup status
ID State       Type   Device  Start Date     Level  Path 
-- -----       ----   ------  ----------     -----  ----
1  ACTIVE      dump   nrst0a  Nov 28 00:22   0     /vol/vol0
2  ACTIVE      dump   nrst0a  Nov 28 00:22   3     /vol/vol1
4  ACTIVE      NDMP   urst1a  Nov 28 00:22   1     /vol/vol0
6  RESTARTABLE dump           Nov 27 00:22   3     /vol/vol1
The following list describes the elements of the dump table:
The unique ID assigned to the dump and the index in the software’s internal dump table. As soon as a dump completes, its ID number is deallocated and returned to the pool of available slots. The total number of entries in the dump table is limited to 32.
The state of the dump: ACTIVE or RESTARTABLE.
The type of invocation of dump: CLI or NDMP.
The current device to which the dump is writing.
Start Date
The date on which the backup began.
The level of the dump (0 through 9).
The dump path.