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Preparing for basic NDMP backup application management

To enable a storage system for basic management by a commercial NDMP backup application, you must enable the storage system’s NDMP support and specify the backup application’s configured NDMP version, host IP address, and authentication method.

About this task

If an operator without root privileges to the storage system is using a backup application, that user must use a storage system-generated NDMP-specific password to perform backup operations on that storage system.


  1. To enable NDMP, enter the following command at the console command line of the target storage system:
    ndmpd on
  2. To view the NDMP version supported by the storage system, enter the following command:
    ndmpd version

    Note: Your backup application must support the same NDMP version that is supported by your storage system.

  3. To specify a restricted set of NDMP backup application hosts that can connect to the storage system, enter the following command:
    options ndmpd.access hosts

    hosts is a comma-separated list of host names or IP addresses of nodes permitted to start NDMP sessions with the storage system.

    Note: By default, all hosts have NDMP access.

  4. Specify the authentication type (plaintext, challenge, or plaintext and challenge) required for an NDMP connection to this storage system.


    The following example shows the authentication type specified is plaintext and challenge:

    options ndmpd authtype plaintext,challenge

    This setting must include the authentication type supported by the NDMP backup application.

    Note: The challenge authentication type is the default for this option.

  5. If operators without root privilege on the storage system are performing tape backup operations through the NDMP backup application, make sure they have a user administration account on the storage system.
    1. If the operator does not have a user administration account on the storage system, enter the following command:
      useradmin useradd username
    2. If you want to know the system-generated NDMP-specific password, enter the following command:
      ndmpd password username

    Use this user name and password to connect to the storage system to perform NDMP backup and restore operations.