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Specifying a preferred network interface

You can specify the preferred storage system network interface to be used when establishing an NDMP data connection to another storage system.

About this task

By default, an NDMP data connection uses the same network interface as the NDMP control connection established by the NDMP backup application. However, to establish a data connection between NDMP-enabled storage systems over an alternate network, you need to specify the storage system’s interface through which the alternate network will be accessed.

For example, a UNIX or NT resident NDMP backup application and multiple storage systems can be interconnected through a corporate network. The same storage systems can also be interconnected through an isolated private network. To minimize load on the corporate network, the options ndmpd.preferred_interface command can be used to direct all NDMP data connections over the isolated private network.


  1. To specify the preferred network interface to be used for NDMP data connections, enter the following command:
    options ndmpd.preferred_interface interface

    interface identifies the network interface to be used for all NDMP data connections. Any network interface providing TCP/IP access can be specified. If no parameter is specified, the command returns the name of the interface currently configured for data connections. If no interface is currently set, it reports disable.

    You can find the available network interfaces by using the ifconfig -a command.

    Note: The preferred network interfaces that are set using the options ndmpd.preferred_interface command are persistent across storage system reboots.