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Specifying the backup level

You can specify a backup level for your dump command, based on which all files or only the most recently changed files are to be backed up to tape.

About this task

A level-0 backup is a full backup. A full backup backs up all the data in the dump path.

Backups at levels from 1 through 9 are incremental backups. An incremental backup backs up only the items in the dump path that have been created or changed since the most recent backup of a lower level.


  1. To specify the backup level, include the level number as an option.

    The range is 0 through 9.


The following command performs a full backup of the /vol/vol1/users/tom/specs directory. After the dump command finishes, the tape drive rewinds the tape.

dump 0uf rst0a /vol/vol1/users/tom/specs

The following list describes the elements of the command line:

Does a full backup.
Records the backup in the /etc/dumpdates file.
Specifies that a tape device is supplied in the command line.
The tape drive rewinds the tape.
The directory to be backed up.
Note: Incremental updates do not run unless the baseline transfer has updated the dumpdates file.