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Displaying the image header of a tape

You can display the image header of a tape in a specific tape device by using the smtape restore command.


  1. To display the image header of a tape in a tape device, enter the following command:
    smtape restore -h tape_device

    h is the image header of a tape that is to be displayed.

    tape_device is the tape device that has the tape for which the image header is to be displayed.

    Note: The image header of tape backups created by using the snapmirror store command in releases earlier than Data ONTAP 7.3 can be read by using the smtape restore -h command.


The following example displays the header image of a tape in the tape drive rst1a:
filer> smtape restore -h rst1a
Tape Number                   : 1
WAFL Version                  : 21054
BareMetal Version             : 9
Source Filer                  : filer
Source Volume                 : testdata
Source Volume Capacity        : 51200MB
Source Volume Used Size       : 3407MB
Source Snapshot               : snapshot_for_smtape.db6bb83a-0b99-11de-a2dc-00a                                                                              980de1c2.0
Volume Type                   : Flexible
Is Aggregate                  : no
Is SIS Volume                 : no
Backup Set ID                 : d7b1812a-0f90-11de-a2dc-00a0980de1c2
Backup Version                : 0:0
Backup Sequence No.           : 0
Backup Mode                   : dw-data
Time of Backup                : Wed Mar 11 05:36:12 GMT 2009
Time of Previous Backup       : None
Volume Total Inodes           : 1638399
Volume Used Inodes            : 102
Volume Attributes              :/
Number of Snapshots           : 1
Snapshot ID                   : 76
Snapshot Time                 : Fri Mar  6 04:30:31 GMT 2009
Snapshot Name                 : snapshot_for_smtape.db6bb83a-0b99-11de-a2dc-00a                                                                              980de1c2.0