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What SMTape backup events are

The event field for an SMTape backup event contains an event type followed by event-specific information within parentheses.

The following table describes the events, their descriptions, and the related event information that are recorded for an SMTape backup operation.

Event Description Event information
BKP-Start An SMTape CLI or NDMP backup begins The level of backup and the backup set ID that identifies the backup session.
BKP-Params The parameters for the backup job Parameters of the backup operation, such as the origin of the command that specifies whether the command was initiated from NDMP or CLI, the tape record size used in the backup, and the tape device name.
BKP-DW-Start Data warehouse begins for the backup job Does not have any event information.
BKP-DW-End Data warehouse ends for the backup job Time taken to complete the backup job and the number of blocks backed up to tape.
BKP-Tape-Stats The tape statistics for the backup job The backup statistics, such as the wait time, the wait count, total count, and the available count.
BKP-End The backup job ends The amount of data backed up to tape, the time taken for the backup, and the performance in GB/hour.
BKP-Abort The backup job aborts A message indicating the reason for aborting the backup job.
BKP-Tape-Chg The backup job is waiting for a tape change The job ID of the backup operation that waits for a tape change.
BKP-Continue The backup operation continues after a tape change The job ID of the backup operation that continues after a tape change.
BKP-Warning The backup operation has encountered an unexpected event The reason for the unexpected event.

Example of an SMTape backup output

The following is an example of the output for an SMTape backup operation:

(null) Tue May  5 11:15:00 PDT /vol/testdata CLI-Backup (rst9a)

1 Tue May  5 11:15:00 PDT /vol/testdata BKP-Start (level 0 backup of Backup Set ID f99f17ac-3b32-11de-9682-00a0980c225b)

1 Tue May  5 11:15:00 PDT /vol/testdata BKP-Params (originator=CLI mode=dw-data tape_record_size=240KB tape=rst9a all_snapshots tape_seeding)

1 Tue May  5 11:15:00 PDT /vol/testdata BKP-DW-Start 

1 Tue May  5 11:27:04 PDT /vol/testdata BKP-DW-End (phase completed in 0:12:04; 9214285 blocks moved)

1 Tue May  5 11:27:04 PDT /vol/testdata BKP-Tape-Stats (wait_time=684s wait_count=128990 total_count=153951 avail_count=130809/17974/4906/262)

1 Tue May  5 11:27:04 PDT /vol/testdata BKP-End (backed up 36.857 GB bytes in 0:12:04; performance=183.267 GB/hour)