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Specifying the NDMP password length

Administrators who have an account on a storage system but do not have root status on that storage system must input a special NDMP-specific password when carrying out NDMP-related operations on the storage system. This password is a system-generated string derived from that administrator’s regular storage system account password.

About this task

The NDMP password can be either 8 or 16 characters long. The default value is 16 characters.


  1. To specify the NDMP password length, enter the following command on the storage system console:
    options ndmpd.password_length length

    length is either 8 or 16. If you enter a value other than 8 or 16, the storage system prompts you with the following message:

    options ndmpd.password_length: Length must be either 8 or 16

    Note: If this option is set to 8, all NDMP applications managing backups for the storage system must use an 8-character password for authentication.