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Enabling or disabling NDMP connection logging

Data ONTAP can log NDMP connection attempts in the /etc/messages file. These entries enable an administrator to determine whether and when authorized or unauthorized individuals are attempting to start NDMP sessions. The default value is off.


  1. Start a console session on the storage system on which you want to enable or disable NDMP connection monitoring.
  2. Enter the following command:
    options ndmpd.connectlog.enabled {on|off}

    Note: The value you set for this option will persist across storage system reboots.

  3. If you want to check attempted NDMP connection activity, use your UNIX or Windows Admin host to view your storage system’s /etc/messages file.

    Entries recording attempted NDMP connections or operations will display the following fields:

    • Time
    • Thread
    • NDMP request and action (allow or refuse)
    • NDMP version
    • Session ID
    • Source IPv4 or IPv6 address (address from where the NDMP request originated)
    • Destination IPv4 or IPv6 address (address of the storage system receiving the NDMP request)
    • Source port (through which the NDMP request was transmitted)
    • Storage system port (through which the NDMP request was received)


Thu Apr 15 09:27:00 GMT Apr 15 09:27:00 [host1:ndmp.connection.accept:info]: ndmpd.access allowed for version = 4, sessionId = 2922, from src ip =, dst ip =, src port = 41855, dst port = 10000