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Backing up all data that is not in a qtree

You can back up all data in a specified volume that is not in a qtree. The specified volume is the dump path. You use this method if you back up on a qtree basis and want to back up the remaining data in a volume. Usually, the data in qtrees changes frequently, while the remaining data, such as configuration files, changes rarely.

About this task

You cannot do incremental backups using this method.


  1. To back up all non-qtree data in a specified volume, use the Q option in the command line.


The following command backs up all items in /vol/vol0 that are not in a qtree:

dump 0fQ rst0a /vol/vol0

The following list describes the elements of the command line:

Does a full backup.
Specifies that a tape device is supplied in the command line.
Excludes items in qtrees.
The tape drive rewinds the tape.
The dump path.