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Displaying LUN serial numbers

A LUN serial number is a unique, 12-byte, ASCII string generated by the storage system. Many multipathing software packages use this serial number to identify redundant paths to the same LUN.

About this task

Although the storage system displays the LUN serial number in ASCII format by default, you can display the serial number in hexadecimal format as well.


  1. Enter one of the following commands:

    • lun show [-v] lun_path
    • lun serial [-x]lun_path new_lun_serial

      The -v option displays the serial numbers in ASCII format.

      The -x option displays the serial numbers in hexadecimal format.

      The new_lun_serial changes the existing LUN serial number to the specified serial number.
      Note: Under normal circumstances, you should not change the LUN serial number. However, if you do need to change it, ensure that the LUN is offline before issuing the command. Also, you cannot use the -x option when changing the serial number; the new serial number must be in ASCII format.


    lun serial -x /vol/blocks_fvt/ncmds_lun2
                    Serial (hex)#: 0x4334656f476f424f594d2d6b