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LUN clones

A LUN clone is a point-in-time, writable copy of a LUN in a Snapshot copy. Changes made to the parent LUN after the clone is created are not reflected in the Snapshot copy.

A LUN clone shares space with the LUN in the backing Snapshot copy. When you clone a LUN, and new data is written to the LUN, the LUN clone still depends on data in the backing Snapshot copy. The clone does not require additional disk space until changes are made to it.

You cannot delete the backing Snapshot copy until you split the clone from it. When you split the clone from the backing Snapshot copy, the data is copied from the Snapshot copy to the clone, thereby removing any dependence on the Snapshot copy. After the splitting operation, both the backing Snapshot copy and the clone occupy their own space.

Note: Cloning is not NVLOG protected, so if the storage system panics during a clone operation, the operation is restarted from the beginning on a reboot or takeover.