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Enabling ALUA

You can enable ALUA for your igroups, as long as the host supports the ALUA standard.

About this task

Only FCP igroups support ALUA.

If ALUA is not enabled for your igroup, you can manually enable it by setting the alua option to yes. If you map multiple igroups to a LUN and you enable one of the igroups for ALUA, you must enable all the igroups for ALUA.


  1. Check whether ALUA is enabled by entering the following command:
    igroup show -v igroup_name


    igroup show -v igroup1
    system1> igroup show -v igroup1
    OS Type: solaris
    Member: 10:00:00:00:c9:2b:cc:39 (logged in on: vtic, 5a, 5b)
    Member: 10:00:00:00:c9:2b:cb:7e
    ALUA: Yes 
    Report SCSI Name in Inquiry Descriptor: No
    Note: The output of igroup show -v displays the FCP initiator logged in on physical ports as well as a port called "vtic". VTIC is an abbreviation for "virtual target interconnect". VTIC provides a connection between the two nodes in an HA pair, enabling LUNs to be served through target ports on both nodes. It is normal to see VTIC as one of the ports in the output of igroup show -v.

  2. Enter the following command to enable ALUA if it has not already been enabled:
    igroup set igroup alua yes