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Accessing LUNs with NAS protocols

When you create a LUN, you can only access it with the iSCSI, FC, or FCoE protocol by default. However, you can use NAS protocols to make a LUN available to a host if the NAS protocols are licensed and enabled on the storage system.

About this task

The usefulness of accessing a LUN over NAS protocols depends on the host application. For example, the application must be equipped to understand the format of the data within the LUN and be able to traverse any file system the LUN may contain. Access is provided to the LUN's raw data, but not to any particular piece of data within the LUN.

If you want to write to a LUN using a NAS protocol, you must take the LUN offline or unmap it to prevent an iSCSI or FCP host from overwriting data in the LUN.

Note: A LUN cannot be extended or truncated using NFS or CIFS protocols.


  1. Determine whether you want to read, write, or do both to the LUN using the NAS protocol and take the appropriate action:
    • If you want read access, the LUN can remain online.
    • If you want write access, ensure that the LUN is offline or unmapped.
  2. Enter the following command:
    lun share lun_path {none|read|write|all}


    lun share /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun2 read

    The LUN is now readable over NAS.