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What SnapDrive does

SnapDrive helps you automate storage provisioning tasks and manage data in SAN and SMB 3.0 Windows environments. You can run SnapDrive software on Windows hosts in either a physical or a virtual environment.

SnapDrive software integrates with Windows Volume Manager so that storage systems can serve as virtual storage devices for application data in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012. It can also be used to provision storage for Windows virtual machines hosted on ESX hypervisors.

SnapDrive manages LUNs on a storage system, making these LUNs available as local disks on Windows hosts. This allows Windows hosts to interact with the LUNs just as if they belonged to a directly attached redundant array of independent disks (RAID).

SnapDrive PowerShell cmdlets support volume and share provisioning in SMB 3.0 environments. You can also use SnapDrive PowerShell cmdlets to create and manage Snapshot backups; manage mounting, restore, and discovery operations; and to troubleshoot.

SnapDrive provides the following additional features: