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Troubleshooting if giveback fails

If the cf giveback command fails, you can check for system processes that are currently running and might prevent giveback. You can also check that the HA interconnect is operational, and check for any failed disks for systems using disks.


  1. For systems using disks, check for and remove any failed disks, using the process described in the Data ONTAP Storage Management Guide for 7-Mode.
  2. Check for the following message on the console:

    Both nodes should be able to detect the same disks. This message indicates that there is a disk mismatch: for some reason, one node is not seeing all the disks attached to the HA pair.

  3. Check the HA interconnect and verify that it is correctly connected and operating.
  4. Check whether any of the following processes were taking place on the takeover node at the same time you attempted the giveback:
    • Advanced mode repair operations, such as wafliron
    • Aggregate creation
    • AutoSupport collection
    • Backup dump and restore operations
    • Disks being added to a volume (vol add)
    • Disk ownership assignment
    • Disk sanitization operations
    • Outstanding CIFS sessions
    • Quota initialization
    • RAID disk additions
    • Snapshot copy creation, deletion, or renaming
    • SnapMirror transfers (if the partner is a SnapMirror destination)
    • SnapVault restorations
    • Storage system panics
    • Volume creation (traditional volume or FlexVol volume)

    If any of these processes are taking place, either cancel the processes or wait until they complete, and then retry the giveback operation.

  5. If the cf giveback operation still does not succeed, contact support.