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Using backup management groups in backup and verification

When you create a full database backup, you have the option of assigning it to one of the backup management groups. The backup set names and SnapInfo directory backup set names reflect the management group to which you assigned the backup. The purpose of backup management groups is to enable you to designate various levels of backup retention.

How a backup is assigned a backup management group

When you create a backup, you can assign it to any one of the SnapManager backup management groups:

When you start or schedule a full database backup, the Backup wizard and the Backup and Verify option populates the backup management group selection field with the Standard group.

For more information about starting or scheduling a full database backup, see Backing up, replicating, and archiving databases using SnapManager.

Note: The type of backup management group combined with the backup set naming convention selected (unique or generic) affects the name assigned to the backup set. The name of each backup set created during a SnapManager backup operation includes information that identifies the backup set contents. This is described in "SnapManager backup set naming conventions" in How SnapManager backup data is organized.

How backup management groups are used

The primary purpose of backup management group is to facilitate a database backup retention strategy. Backup management groups are used to determine which backups are targeted for automatic deletion of older backups, database verification for unverified backup Snapshot copies, and explicit deletion of backups.

Note: The backup management group neither depends on nor enforces how often backups are performed. Backup management groups are only backup labeling conventions that determine the backup set's retention policies.

Options for a full database backup When you run or schedule a full database backup, you can specify how many of the most recent backups you want to retain. Only backups of the specified backup management group are deleted. The procedural details are included in Backing up, replicating, and archiving databases using SnapManager.

Options for a database verification When you run or schedule a database verification separate from the full database backup operation, you can limit the backups you want to verify by specifying a particular backup management group. The procedural details are included in Performing database verification using SnapManager.

Options for an explicit deletion of multiple backup sets When you explicitly delete multiple backups you can specify that only backups belonging to a certain backup management group can be deleted. The procedural details are included in "Deleting backups" in Explicitly deleting backup sets using SnapManager.

Backup example using backup management groups Suppose your company wants to take regular backups between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. You want to keep the last backup of the day and retain it for a few weeks, and you want to keep one backup per week for several months for archiving.

To achieve this using backup management groups, you could use the Standard backup management group for the backups during the day, and use a separate backup job to create one backup in the Daily management group at the end of the day. Then, once a week, you could use another job to create a backup in the Weekly backup management group.

You could then decide how many backups to retain independently for each backup management group. For example, you can keep 10 Standard backups seven Daily backups (one week's worth), and four Weekly backups (one month's worth).

If your Daily or Weekly backup job failed for any reason, you could promote the most recent successful Standard backup to replace the Daily or Weekly backup by changing its backup management group.

Changing the backup management group of an existing backup set

Use the Change Backup Management Group dialog box to change the backup management group to which the selected backup set belongs.

To change the backup management group of an existing backup set, complete the following steps.

Note: You cannot change the backup management group of the most recent backup sets that were created using the Generic naming convention.
Step Action

In the SnapManager console root, click Restore.


In the Restore panel, locate the backup set whose management group you want to change:

  • Database Snapshots (Standard group)
  • sqlsnap__sqlservername_date_time

  • sqlsnap__sqlservername__ recent

  • Database Snapshots (Daily or Weekly group)
  • sqlsnap__sqlservername_date_time__backupmgmtgroup

  • sqlsnap__sqlservername__ recent__backupmgmtgroup


Right-click the backup set name to open a context menu, then select Change Management Group.


Carefully review the backups listed in the "Backups sharing this Snapshot" list.

Note: The backup management group for all these backups is changed if you complete this operation. This is because they share a common backup set.

In the New Management Group list, select the backup management group you want to change to.

Note: When you change a backup's backup management group, you also change that backup's name, because the name includes the backup management group.

Click OK.

Result: The backup management group for this backup and all backups listed in the All Backups Sharing This Snapshots list is changed.

Note: The report for the backup management group change is in the Miscellaneous report directory.