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Understanding dataset and SnapVault integration

Why dataset and SnapVault integration is required

A dataset is a collection of storage sets with identical data protection requirements on the primary storage system. It is a data management concept introduced in the NetApp Management Console and gives you extensive remote backup and archival capabilities.

The three elements of a dataset are:

The protection policies determine how the data is protected. The resource pool includes the backups and replica of the primary data and its configuration information.

By replicating Snapshot copies to the secondary storage, SnapVault provides you with a centralized disk-based backup solution. It enables you to keep weeks of backup online for faster restore. Through datasets, SnapManager integrates with SnapVault to archive backups to secondary storage.

SnapManager uses Data ONTAP Snapshot technology to create and restore local backups. Dataset and SnapVault integration with SnapManager provides an integrated rapid solution to create and restore remote backup and archives.

SnapManager manages backup on the primary location, but archived backup is managed by the NetApp Management Console.

The following capabilities of the NetApp Management Console make it a good option for integration with SnapManager:

If the NetApp Management Console is available, and SnapDrive is configured for DataFabric Manager, SnapManager automatically becomes aware of the dataset. If the NetApp Management Console is not available, SnapDrive informs SnapManager of its unavailability. SnapManager continues in the normal working mode, and remote backup is not supported. Note that DataFabric Manager and SnapManager backups are not coordinated; changing backup policy in DataFabric Manager does not change the policy in SnapManager, and changing the policy in SnapManager does not change the DataFabric Manager policy.

Available functionalities

You can do the following with SnapManager integrated with dataset and SnapVault:


The following are the limitations in integrating SnapManager with dataset and SnapVault:

Software dependencies

The following are the software dependencies for integrating SnapManager with dataset and SnapVault:

You can upgrade SnapManager from an earlier version that did not support datasets to a later version that supports datasets. You can also revert to the older version without any adverse effects on the system.


The following are the prerequisites for dataset and SnapVault integration with SnapManager: