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Introduction to MultiStore and vFiler units (7-Mode environments only)

MultiStore is a software feature that enables you to partition the storage and network resources of a single storage system so that it appears as multiple storage units on the network.

Each storage unit created as a result of the logical partitioning of the hosting storage system’s network and storage resources is called a vFiler unit. A vFiler unit, using the resources assigned, delivers storage system services to its clients the same way a storage system does.

You can create multiple vFiler units by using MultiStore.

The storage resource assigned to a vFiler unit can be one or more qtrees or volumes. The network resource assigned can be one or more base IP addresses or IP aliases associated with network interfaces.

A vFiler unit can participate in a distinct IP address space called the IPspace. IP addresses defined for an IPspace are meaningful only within that space. A distinct routing system is maintained for each IPspace; no cross-IPspace traffic is routed.

For information about configuring and using vFiler units in your storage network, see the Data ONTAP MultiStore Management Guide for 7-Mode.