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Volume Copy (online and offline) feature

The Volume Copy feature creates a complete, independent physical copy of a data volume by creating two separate volumes, the source volume and the target volume, on the same storage array. Volume copy performs a byte-by-byte copy from the source volume to the target volume; therefore, the data on the target volume is identical to the data on the source volume.

You can perform either an offline volume copy or an online volume copy. An offline volume copy reads data from the source volume and copies it to a target volume, while suspending all updates to the source volume with the copy in progress. All updates to the source volume are suspended to prevent chronological inconsistencies from being created on the target volume. The offline volume copy relationship is between a source volume and a target volume.

An online volume copy creates a point-in-time copy of any volume within a storage array, while still being able to write to the volume with the copy in progress. This function is achieved by creating a snapshot of the volume and using the snapshot as the actual source volume for the copy. The online volume copy relationship is between a snapshot volume and a target volume. The volume for which the point-in-time image is created is known as the base volume and must be a standard volume or a thin volume in the storage array.

For more details about the differences between offline and online volume copy, refer to the "Types of volume copies" topic in the AMW online help.

Use the Volume Copy feature to perform these tasks:

Volume Copy is a feature of the storage management software that is enabled by default.

For more information about implementing and using the Volume Copy feature, refer to the following online help topics in the Array Management Window: