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Snapshot feature

To protect against accidental or malicious loss or corruption of data, the storage management software provides a Snapshot feature that lets you make a logical copy of the content of a standard volume or a thin volume at a particular point in time. These point-in-time snapshots of volumes are referred to as " snapshot images." Taking a snapshot image is useful any time you need to roll back to a known good data set at a specific point in time. For example, you can create a snapshot image as a backup that you can use during a recovery operation.

When you take a snapshot image of a volume, the storage management software saves the read-only snapshot image in a repository associated with a snapshot group. To provide a host access to snapshot images stored within a snapshot group repository, you must create a snapshot volume.

  1. Base Volume
  2. Snapshot Group
  3. Snapshot Image
  4. Schedule and repository are associated with the snapshot group

Remember the following important details about the relationships between a snapshot image, a snapshot group, and a snapshot volume:

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