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AutoSupport (ASUP) messages

The AutoSupport (ASUP) feature collects data in a customer support bundle from all AutoSupport-enabled storage arrays and automatically sends the data to technical support for remote troubleshooting and problem analysis with the storage management software.

All of the ASUP data is compressed into a single compressed archive file format (7z) at the location you specify.

You can choose between two methods of collecting support data: The AutoSupport feature and the Legacy Collect Support Data feature. With AutoSupport, data is automatically sent to technical support instead of manually sending it to technical support, as is done with Legacy Collect Support Data feature. The AutoSupport implementation speeds up troubleshooting and problem analysis.

The AutoSupport feature is the preferred data collection method to use if available on your storage array.

AutoSupport messages include three types:
Before you configure the AutoSupport feature, make sure the following conditions are true: