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Supported configurations for VASA Provider

VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP requires Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere and is supported on specific releases of ESX/ESXi, vSphere, and Data ONTAP software. See the Interoperability Matrix, which is online at, for details about all VASA Provider requirements and configurations.

Note: The following requirements were true at the time this version of VASA Provider was released. You should check the Interoperability Matrix and the release notes to see if any changes have been made. VASA Provider information is included in the Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere Release Notes.

Disk requirements

Before you install VASA Provider, you must make sure you have sufficient disk space. The recommended disk space is:

vSphere server configuration

VASA Provider requires that you have vCenter Server 5.5 or higher.

Host configuration

The required host configuration includes the following:

VASA Provider and VSC configuration

VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP is designed to work with VSC as long as you install the same version of each product. For example, VASA Provider 6.0 does not work with VSC 5.0; it only works with VSC 6.0.

VVOLs configuration

VVOLs are automatically enabled when you have VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP registered to a vCenter Server 6.0 with ESXi 6.0. VASA Provider checks the vCenter Server version during its registration. You can run vCenter Server 6.0 from a virtual machine, if you choose.

To use VVOLs, you must have the following:

You must also have the following:

The Interoperability Matrix contains details about supported VVOL configurations.

Configurations that VASA Provider does not support

VASA Provider does not support the following: