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VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP overview

VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP uses VMware VASA (vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness) to improve storage management between Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere and the vCenter Server. You can also use it to manage features such as storage capability profiles, alarms, and VMware virtual volumes (VVOLs).

You must have VASA Provider if you want to use VVOLs. VVOLs provide a software-defined solution for the granular management of virtual machines. You can create a VVOL without having to have a detailed knowledge of the storage components that make up a VVOL.

In addition to enabling you to create and manage VVOLs, VASA Provider also performs the following tasks:

VASA Provider and the vCenter Server

VASA Provider sends information about storage used by VMware vSphere to the vCenter Server. Sharing this information enables you to make more informed decisions about provisioning virtual machines. It also allows the vCenter Server to warn you when certain storage conditions might affect your VMware environment.

VASA Provider communicates with the vCenter Server using VASA APIs and with clustered Data ONTAP using NetApp APIs called ZAPIs.

VASA Provider and the VSC GUI

VASA Provider is deployed as an OVA virtual appliance and is managed by the VMware vSphere Web Client version of VSC. Because VASA Provider is integrated with VSC, you must use the VASA Provider section in the VSC GUI to perform certain VASA Provider tasks, including the following:

VASA Provider interfaces for VVOLs and maintenance tasks

In addition to having a section in the VSC GUI, VASA Provider also has menu options in the VMware vSphere Web Client Actions menu and a maintenance menu that you access from the console of the virtual appliance.