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The VVOLs environment

The VMware virtual volumes (VVOLs) environment requires that you have VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP, a vCenter with hosts running ESXi, and storage systems running clustered Data ONTAP.

The following graphic provides a high-level view of how these pieces work together:
This image is explained by the surrounding text.

The vCenter Server and the ESXi hosts perform management operations on VVOL datastores by invoking methods against VASA Provider. This communication is handled outside of the data path, so it is referred to as “out of band management.” VASA Provider communicates with Data ONTAP to perform storage operations.

Note: To perform certain tasks, such as creating storage capability profiles and setting alarms, you must also have Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere installed. The VSC GUI provides a VASA Provider section that contains these tools and templates.