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Backups and VVOL datatores

When you work with VVOLs, you must back up the vCenter Server and VASA Provider for clustered Data ONTAP on a regular basis. The vCenter Server and VASA Provider maintain information about the VVOL datastores. If the vCenter Server or VASA Provider server goes down, you risk losing the entire VVOLs environment.

The Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere Release Notes contain information about how to back up and restore VASA Provider. By performing regular backups, you will be able to recover the most recent copy of the VASA Provider database and restore your environment from it if the server goes down.

For information about backing up the vCenter Server, refer to your VMware documentation.

You also lose access to your VVOL datastores if you run VASA Provider on a VVOL datastore. This happens because VASA Provider will not be able to boot.

The VASA Provider database contains information about its features, including the following: