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Alarm conditions seen with VVOL datastores

Both the vCenter Server and VASA Provider generate alarms that are specific to VVOL datastores.

The vCenter Server monitors information that VASA Provider reports about VVOL datastores and automatically triggers an alarm if there is a space issue on the VVOL datastore.

VASA Provider checks the VVOL datastores each time it performs a cluster rediscovery operation. If it discovers a problem, it displays a red or yellow alarm. These alarms can indicate obvious problems, such as a FlexVol in a VVOL datastore going offline, or more subtle problems, such as a path to the storage suddenly becoming non-optimal because a network LIF went down.

Unlike earlier versions of VASA Provider, you do not need to manually reset the alarm after you resolve the problem. The alarm color changes back to green to indicate that everything is now normal.

If a problem occurs, VASA Provider sends a message stating the cause of the alarm. If the alarm was triggered by a FlexVol issue, it states which FlexVols are affected.

There are several conditions that can trigger an alarm for a VVOL datastore, including the following: