Data ONTAP 8.3 Reference

Volume Commands

The volume commands enable you to manage volumes, mirrors, and Snapshot(tm) copies.

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aggregate > - Manage Infinite Volume aggregate operations
clone > - Manage FlexClones
efficiency > - Manage volume efficiency
file > - File related commands
move > - Manage volume move operations
qtree > - Manage qtrees
quota > - Manage Quotas, Policies, Rules and Reports
snapshot > - Manage snapshots

autosize - Set/Display the autosize settings of the flexible volume.
create - Create a new volume
delete - Delete an existing volume
make-vsroot - Designate a non-root volume as a root volume of the Vserver
modify - Modify volume attributes
mount - Mount a volume on another volume with a junction-path
offline - Take an existing volume offline
online - Bring an existing volume online
rename - Rename an existing volume
restrict - Restrict an existing volume
show-footprint - Display a list of volumes and their data and metadata footprints in their associated aggregate.
show-space - Display space usage for volume(s)
show - Display a list of volumes
size - Set/Display the size of the volume.
unmount - Unmount a volume

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