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When Snapshot copies of Infinite Volumes are accessible

Snapshot copies of an Infinite Volume are restorable and fully accessible to clients only when the Snapshot copies are in a valid state.

A Snapshot copy of an Infinite Volume consists of information spanning multiple constituents across multiple aggregates. Although a Snapshot copy cannot be created if a constituent is offline, a constituent might be deleted or taken offline after the Snapshot copy is created. If a Snapshot copy of an Infinite Volume references a constituent that is offline or deleted, the Snapshot copy might not be fully accessible to clients or restorable.

The availability of a Snapshot copy of an Infinite Volume is indicated by its state, as explained in the following table:

State Description Client access to the Snapshot copy Impact on restore
Valid The copy is complete. Fully accessible to clients Can be restored
Partial Data is missing or incomplete. Partially accessible to clients Cannot be restored without assistance from technical support
Invalid Namespace information is missing or incomplete. Inaccessible to clients Cannot be restored

The validity of a Snapshot copy is not tied directly to the state of the Infinite Volume. A valid Snapshot copy can exist for an Infinite Volume with an offline state, depending on when the Snapshot copy was created compared to when the Infinite Volume went offline. For example, a valid Snapshot copy exists before a new constituent is created. The new constituent is offline, which puts the Infinite Volume in an offline state. However, the Snapshot copy remains valid because it references its required preexisting constituents. The Snapshot copy does not reference the new, offline constituent.