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Viewing quota information

You can use the Quotas window in System Manager to view quota details such as the volume and the qtrees to which the quota is applied, the type of quota, the user or group to which the quota is applied, and the space and file usage.


  1. Expand the Storage Virtual Machines hierarchy in the left navigation pane.
  2. In the navigation pane, select the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) and click Storage > Quotas.
  3. Perform the appropriate action:
    If... Then...
    You want to view details of all the quotas that you created Click the User Defined Quotas tab.
    You want to view the details of the quotas that are currently active Click the Quota Report tab.
  4. Select the quota that you want to view information about from the displayed list of quotas.
  5. Review the quota details.