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Managing the cluster time (cluster administrators only)

Problems can occur when the cluster time is inaccurate. Although Data ONTAP enables you to manually set the time zone, date, and time on the cluster, you should configure the Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers to synchronize the cluster time.

NTP is always enabled. However, configuration is still required for the cluster to synchronize with an external time source. Data ONTAP enables you to manage the cluster's NTP configuration in the following ways:

A node that joins a cluster automatically adopts the NTP configuration of the cluster.

In addition to using NTP, Data ONTAP also enables you to manually manage the cluster time. This capability is helpful when you need to correct erroneous time (for example, a node's time has become significantly incorrect after a reboot). In that case, you can specify an approximate time for the cluster until NTP can synchronize with an external time server. The time you manually set takes effect across all nodes in the cluster.

You can manually manage the cluster time in the following ways:

Note: Job schedules do not adjust to manual cluster date and time changes. These jobs are scheduled to run based on the current cluster time when the job was created or when the job most recently ran. Therefore, if you manually change the cluster date or time, you must use the job show and job history show commands to verify that all scheduled jobs are queued and completed according to your requirements.