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Assigning aggregates to SVMs

After creating an SVM for an Infinite Volume, you should assign specific aggregates to it so that the Infinite Volume that you create will use those specific aggregates and not use all the aggregates in the cluster.

Before you begin

You should have reviewed the available aggregates and decided which aggregates the SVM will use.

About this task

You identify which aggregates the Infinite Volume will use by assigning aggregates to its containing SVM with Infinite Volume. If you do not specify the aggregate list for the SVM with Infinite Volume, the Infinite Volume can potentially use all the aggregates in the cluster.


  1. In the Select aggregates section, select the aggregates to assign to the SVM.
    By default, the node root aggregates are not selected. You should not provision volumes on root aggregates because it might cause performance or stability issues.
  2. Click Submit & Continue.