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Assigning LUNs to Storage QoS

You can use System Manager to limit the throughput of LUNs by assigning them to Storage Quality of Service (QoS) policy groups. You can assign Storage QoS for new LUNs or modify Storage QoS details for LUNs that are already assigned to a policy group.

About this task


  1. Expand the Storage Virtual Machines hierarchy in the left navigation pane.
  2. In the navigation pane, select the SVM, and click Storage > LUNs .
  3. In the LUN Management tab, select one or more LUNs for which you want to assign Storage QoS.
  4. Click Storage QoS.
  5. In the Quality of Service Details dialog box, select the Manage Storage Quality of Service check box if you want to manage the workload performance of the LUN.
    If some of the LUNs you selected are already assigned to a policy group, the changes that you make might affect the performance of these LUNs.
  6. Create a new storage QoS policy group or select an existing policy group to control the input/output (I/O) performance of the LUN:
    If you want to... Then do the following...
    Create a new policy group
    1. Specify the policy group name.
    2. Specify the maximum throughput limit to ensure that the workload of the objects in the policy group do not exceed the specified throughput limit.

      If you do not specify the maximum throughput limit, the value is set to Unlimited and the unit that you specify does not affect the maximum throughput.

    Select an existing policy group Select Existing Policy Group and click Choose to select an existing policy group from the Select Policy Group dialog box.

    You can also choose to modify the maximum throughput for the selected policy group.

    If the policy group is assigned to more than one object, the maximum throughput that you specify is shared among the objects.

  7. Optional: Click the link that specifies the number of LUNs to review the list of selected LUNs, and click Discard if you want to remove any LUNs from the list.
    The link is displayed only when multiple LUNs are selected.
  8. Click OK.