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How a SnapVault backup works

Backing up volumes to a SnapVault backup involves starting the baseline transfers, making scheduled incremental transfers, and restoring data upon request.

Baseline transfers

In general, baseline transfers work as follows:

A baseline transfer occurs when you initialize the SnapVault relationship. When you do this, Data ONTAP creates a new Snapshot copy. Data ONTAP transfers the Snapshot copy from the primary volume to the secondary volume. This Snapshot copy is the baseline of the volume at the time of the transfer and is a complete transfer, not an incremental transfer. As a result, none of the other Snapshot copies on the primary volume are transferred as part of the initial SnapVault transfer, regardless of whether they match rules specified in the SnapVault policy.

Incremental transfers

The source system creates incremental Snapshot copies of the source volume as specified by the Snapshot policy that is assigned to the primary volume. Each Snapshot copy for a specific volume contains a label that is used to identify it.

The SnapVault secondary system selects and retrieves specifically labeled incremental Snapshot copies, according to the rules that are configured for the SnapVault policy that is assigned to the SnapVault relationship. The Snapshot label is retained to identify the backup Snapshot copies.

Snapshot copies are retained in the SnapVault backup for as long as is needed to meet your data protection requirements. The SnapVault relationship does not configure a retention schedule, but the SnapVault policy does specify number of Snapshot copies to retain.

SnapVault backup updates

At the end of each Snapshot copy transfer session, which can include transferring multiple Snapshot copies, the most recent incremental Snapshot copy in the SnapVault backup is used to establish a new common base between the primary and secondary volumes and is exported as the active file system.

Data restore

If data needs to be restored to the primary volume or to a new volume, the SnapVault secondary transfers the specified data from the SnapVault backup.