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Protection Policies window

You can use the Protection Policies window to create, manage, and display information about mirror policies and vault policies.

Command buttons

Opens the Create Policy dialog box, which enables you to create a mirror policy or a vault policy.
Opens the Edit Policy dialog box, which enables you to edit a policy.
Opens the Delete Policy dialog box, which enables you to delete a policy.
Updates the information in the window.

Protection policies list

Displays the name of the mirror or vault policy.
Displays the policy type, which can be Vault, Mirror Vault, or Asynchronous Mirror.
Displays the description specified for the policy.
Transfer Priority
Displays the data transfer priority, such as Normal or Low.

Details area

Policy Details tab
Displays details of the mirror policy or vault policy, such as the user who created the policy, number of rules, retention count, and status of network compression.
Policy Rules tab
Displays details of the rules applied to the policy. The Policy Rules tab is displayed only if the selected policy contains rules.