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Data protection for SVM namespace and root information

Backups to secondary volumes in SnapVault relationships between FlexVol volumes replicate only volume data, not the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) namespace or root information.

SnapVault relationships replicate only volume data. If you want to back up an entire SVM to a SnapVault secondary volume, you must first create SnapVault relationships for every volume in the SVM.

To provide data protection of the SVM namespace information, you must manually create the namespace on the SnapVault secondary immediately after the first data transfer is completed for all of the volumes in the SVM and while the source SVM volumes are still active. When subsequent changes are made to the namespace on the source SVM, you must manually update the namespace on the destination SVM.

You cannot create the namespace for an SVM on a SnapVault secondary volume if only a subset of the SVM volumes are in a SnapVault relationship, or if only a subset of the SVM volumes have completed the first data transfer.