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Creating mirror policies

You can use System Manager to create a mirror policy and then apply these policies to a mirror relationship.


  1. Expand the Storage Virtual Machines hierarchy in the left navigation pane.
  2. In the navigation pane, select the destination Storage Virtual Machine (SVM), and click Policies > Protection Policies.
  3. Click Create > Mirror Policy.
  4. In the Create Mirror Policy dialog box, specify the policy name and transfer priority.
    Low indicates that the transfer has the least priority and is usually scheduled after normal priority transfers. By default, the priority is set to Normal.
  5. Optional: Select the Transfer All Source Snapshot Copies check box to include the "all_source_snapshots" rule to the mirror policy that will back up all the Snapshot copies from the source volume.
  6. Optional: Select the Enable Network Compression check box to compress the data that is being transferred during the mirror transfer.
  7. Optional: Click Add Comments to add additional comments for the policy.
  8. Click Create.
    A mirror policy of type Asynchronous Mirror is created.