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Moving FlexVol volumes

You can nondisruptively move a FlexVol volume to a different aggregate or a node for capacity utilization and improved performance by using System Manager.

Before you begin

If you are moving a data protection volume, data protection mirror relationships must be initialized before you move the volume.

About this task

When you move a volume that is hosted on a Flash Pool aggregate, only the data stored in the HDD tier is moved to the destination aggregate. The cache data associated with the volume is not moved to the destination aggregate. Therefore, some performance degradation might occur after the volume move.

If the aggregate contains Infinite Volume constituents, the wizard does not display the constituents because you cannot use System Manager to move constituents of an Infinite Volume.


  1. Expand either the Cluster or the Nodes hierarchy in the left navigation pane.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Storage > Aggregates.
  3. Select the aggregate that contains the volume and click Volume Move.
  4. Type or select information as prompted by the wizard.
  5. Confirm the details and click Finish to complete the wizard.