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Understanding the Service Processor

A Service Processor is a system-independent resource in the storage system that helps you to monitor and manage storage system parameters such as the temperature, voltage, current, and fan speeds.

When the service processor detects an abnormal condition in any of the storage system parameters, it logs an event, notifies Data ONTAP of the issue, and generates AutoSupport messages through email or through SNMP traps.

The Service Processor monitors Data ONTAP through a watchdog mechanism and can facilitate a quick failover to the partner node. The Service Processor also tracks numerous system events and saves them in a log file. The events include boot progress, field-replaceable unit (FRU) changes, Data ONTAP generated events, and a user transaction history.

The Service Processor can remotely log in and administer the storage system and can diagnose, shut down, power cycle, or reboot the system, regardless of the state of the storage system. In addition, the Service Processor provides remote diagnostic features.

The combined monitoring and managing capabilities of the Service Processor enables you to evaluate the storage system in the event of an issue, and you can immediately perform effective service actions.